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As the largest manufacturer for flash production , we are happy to see our products are widely used by magicians. However ,do you really know about Flash products ? do you know exactly how to store it?

I would like to make something clearly before i instruction how to store flash products.

1, All flash products sold by Red Corner are 100% fresh and new after they are made.

2,we make flash products every month , we won’t suggest our clients to get as many as possible but according to a 1.5 years sales volume .better not last for over 2 years.

3,Flash products are dangerous goods, you need to give them a special treat. You need to learn how to store them well.

Now please follow my suggestion to see how to store flash products

1, The best way to store flash paper production is to keep in freezer, no matter dry or wet , it will be steadily like stone , 3-5 year are no problem for them to stay.

2,If you don’t have freezer for them ,let’s put them in cool place , avoid directly sunlight

* For those items can be wet with water, make sure at least add 25% PURE water , each  month check them to make sure it’s wet. Seal the bag completely.

* For those items can not be wet with water, let’s open half bag to stock them , let them breath ,avoid them create chemical reaction.

There is no problem to keep them safe over 1 year if the products are stored properly for , but pay attention to check whether the product has deteriorated every 2 months.

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