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1,the eremony of 2011 Shenzhen University Games

  In the opening ceremony of 2011 Shenzhen University Games,a lot of flash papers and flash cottons  from Red Corner Magic were using to light up the torch.The scene was very spectacular,amazing and beutiful,without any ash or smoke.It presents the concept of Green Initiative in this game


      2 ,Passed though the 108 storeys Guanzhou  TV Tower with one second!


The magic show,which is being expected and kept eyes on by people from all over the world ,happend at the monent from 2011 to 2012 .He is Danny Ding, a very famous magician in China. Passed though the 108 storeys Guanzhou TV Tower with one second!

The illusion he used was covered with our super flash paper(60*60 cm),a hug power of flame made him dissapeared from the lifted up illusion to the big wooden (in the 108th storey ) with one second!!! 

That's impossible to imagine....But he's done.He lifted up the new climax of the magic


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