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Super Flash Paper
Specification:  60 * 60 cm
Model:  FP09
Color: White
Price: Inquire For Pricelist

Super flash paper is made out of flash paper, but it shares the differnce is it's size 60*60 cm. We  can prodduce different size flash pape according to our clients' demand.




Being used in illusion




According to the law in different places, it’s illegal to use the fake bills/banknotes in certain countries even 

if our products are used for magic performance, please purchase with caution. For Professional Use Only,

Manufacturer  makes no  warranties and  assumes on  liability  for you actions . User assumes all risk and 

responsibility. Not For Anyone Under18.


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The quality is quite good,we did enjoy doing business with you.

Nice try,white&clean!

That' good, maybe I will consider buy some to test how they sell.


Hi Sir,
can you make the paper at the size : 1.8 *2 m?



Dear Sir,
Thank you for your enquiry .The 60* 60 cm size may be the biggest size 
for this product avaiable on the magic market at this moment . We never
produce the size bigger than 60* 60cm as it's already very hard procedure.
But we might suggest you to stick with 12 sheets 60*60cm to get the size
as how other magicians did.Hope it will do some help to you.


                                                                                                                                                                      Red Corner Magic

Thank you for the free shipping,hope we will work well in the future.


Good to use for illution products,burns so quickly.


Surprise to recieve the superior products,i have text them and like them very 



Its a pity that we found the goods is not consistent with the original size.





Excellent! Great product, fair price and fast shipping!





I did the business with other chinese shop in the past year , RedCorner is
service the best.



The big zise flash paper is my favoury, it's so much better quanlity than the
first order            


It's amazing to see the paper using on stage music shows.Thank you for

all your help 



I think i prefer small size paper ,it's more welcome by magician here




Your goods are better in quality compared with those of other manufacturers.


I was amazed at how fast the flash paper got here it was a hit at the church 
event I brought 
it for. Ill be ordering again. 




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