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Flash Paper Manufacturer
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Thick Flash paper
Specification:  50*20cm  /  25*20cm 600-1200sheets/box
Model:  FP06 / FP03
Color: White
Price: Inquire For Pricelist

Thicker than the normal flash paper, similar to A4 printing paper, can print, write on it or fold to the shape you want, still burns quickly and completely with bright flame, no smoke and no ash left, great for coin magic or other close-up magic.


           Flash paper are wet to stock and ship, 
                            So please dry it out completely before you use.








For Professional Use Only,Manufacturer makes no warranties and assumes on liability for you actions.
User assumes all risk and responsibility. Not For Anyone Under18.

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Happy to receive the box today,it’s in perfect condition.DHL is really fast ,hope
we will have a great on it .then more orders come.

Shannon , sorry that i forgot that i have promised to give you a feedback,i was 
on business trip while the goods arrived . David told  me the package is well , 
the quantities is correct.everything items looks good.Well packing .I will come
back for bigger order 
soon .

I am happy with the paper .Thank you for your service .

I don’t like thick flash paper,it’s different from thin paper,very yellow.
Thank you so much for your feedback ,our flash paper is made out of cotton
pulp,You know the thick flash paper cost more material , sometimes it’s hard 
to avoid impurity,also,the paper wet with water make it looks yellow,while dry,
it because white.Any how , it does not influence on the effect .
Red Corner Magic 

Thank you for  exchanging the poker for me ,  you guys really help me a lot on
my business.      

Such an exciting trail order,we will place a larger order soon!

Just receive the package , i love the packing , thank you for your good service .

That's very impressed!We sold very well,thanks a lot to your perfect items. 
I got your message from my friend last year, and i placed an order last month,
it didn’t 
let me down.

OMG ! The sample looks good ! Will your products as good as the sample?
If so,i will send you an order form soon.

There is no need to say anything.We trust you and your products.
I like your attitute towards working,
Everytime when i check the goods,a strong feeling of satisfy comes to me.

Dear Jason,
Thanks for your understanding.You must let the product dry before using.And
you will find what effects you want.
Red Corner Magic    

 They are in good quality, I've got the products.
Thank you for your email,The price is attractive,but we won't considerto have
an order in the coming 2 months, as the business runs low in UK.

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