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American Thin Flash Paper
Specification:  50*20cm  /  25*20cm 1200-2400sheets/box
Model:  FP04 / FP01
Color: White
Price: Inquire For Pricelist

One of the star products, burns quickly and completely with bright flame;
Thinner than the tissue paper, can almost see through, it ignites when touched by a lighter or match, no smoke and no ash left;
You can produce flames from your finger tips, great for coin magic or other close-up magic, perfect to make flash roses to create excellent magic effects.


         Flash paper are wet to stock and ship, 
                             So please dry it out completely before you use.




 For Professional Use Only,Manufacturer makes no warranties and assumes on liability for you actions.
 User assumes all risk and responsibility. Not For Anyone Under18.

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It’s a pity that did not visit your  factory , but you  guys are very nice , thank you 
for your warm hospitality .Long-term cooperation 


The logistics is too fast , just takes 4days to NY, every things is fine ,thank you 
for your great service .                          


Regular dealer,my favorite place to buy paper . Wish you best .


It’s unexpected, i never buy such a good paper , Damn love on it .   

I prefer to buy from RedCorner , although it’s a little expensive thenbuy from 
TAOBAO, but the quality is different , especially the poker, looks perfect .   

Very good quality this bunch , hope you make the paper better andbetter .

I will come back for my new order very soon next month ,and i hope the bill will 
get back to the market ASAP,as my clients need it for his show at the beginning 
of Sep. Thank you Shannon     
I have to say that it's my fault to offer you a mistake phone number, it's so lucky 
that the  parcel  finally get my home yesterday ,you are excently to make it done.
love this paper , although it's a little expensive than premium paper, but it fits my 
project.I need more than 100000 sheets for my new project.will get back to you 
for my first order next week.   
I love you girls.You make everything convenient      

Thank you so much for your perfect samples.It's excellent!We love it and burn 
very fast and clean!                                                          

I love flash paper , it always get a big  WOW  from anyone around  .Very fast 
shipping, I’ll order again from your side. 

Fantasitc flash paper,super thin and white.

It is highly cost effective goods!!! thx.

The flash paper is much whiter than what i used to buy ,i love it ,thanks a lot for 
helping me.

The paper is very thin, very good  quality, thank you very much!              

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