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Flash Cigarette
Specification:  x10
Model: AFP01
Color: White & Brown
Price: Inquire For Pricelist

The flash cigarette is made out of flash cotton and flash paper, looks just like real cigarette, with scorch marks , but burn fast without any residue.
You can really fool people with it through fire magic both in close-up and on stage, bringing a lot of fun with amazed audients.




 For Professional Use Only,Manufacturer makes no warranties and assumes on liability for you actions.
 User assumes all risk and responsibility. Not For Anyone Under18.

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It looks real, I'm very satisfied with the cigarette,thank you! 


Great ! Our customers are very like it!



 The flash ciggarettes have sold very well and we  need more if possible!



Oh,it so real,very well !!!



The biggest reason i enjoyed working with you and your company is you keep 
improving the quality of the props and do it well!

Please don't use the box with your logo next time , i don't want my clients find


The Red cigarette box is more attractive.very delicate handicraft..


I bought from Panda magic before, but i love your cigarette more,it's more real.




I have no time to test the products ,but i love the packing,i love the cigarette. I
will let you know soon


Got my parcel yesterday,,there's no damage of the cigarette, thank you for your
professional packing.


The flash cigarette just like the real one, really beyond my imagination.



The quality of your products is satisfactory, we may place regular orders.





If you like pyrotechnics,flash paper, or just awesomeness, this product isa must. 
Instant ignition and disappearance of all ages wondering. 



Wonderful material to work with. No problems what so ever. 



Product worked as expected and arrived in excellent condition.




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