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Flash Pad
Specification:  5*7.5 cm   20 sheets / pad
Model:  PFP01
Color: Blue / Red / Yellow / Green / Black / White
Price: Inquire For Pricelist

Flash pad is made out of flash paper, but in a smaller size, burned quickly and complete without ash or smoke. They can easily be carried and convenient while using, especially perfect for several different magic effects, such as dove pans, flames from the air, flash pots etc,.



      --------------------------------------------------------------------Packing --------------------------------------------------------------------

   ***Bookbinding with hard paper cover(DRY) 

   *** Packing into zip-lock bag (WET)







For Professional Use Only,Manufacturer makes no warranties and assumes on liability for you actions.
User assumes all risk and responsibility. Not For Anyone Under18.


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I love your pads best.They look evenly,I'd like to order some soon.
Thank you
for your quick help and support.

This time flash pad looks white than last order , perfect.


Thank you so much for you  to save the $10 shipping cost for me,
great service and thoughtful.


Everyting  was  fine while geting here,i am happy with your great service!
Looking forward to getting the sample of Thin black flash pad...


I am a regular dealer, Redcorner is a good company to do business with.
Especially i need to thanks shannon, fast reply and really great service,alway 
put herself  in my shoes.


The flash pad is very popular in my shop,the quality is very good.


I know  them through my friend ,when I test it ,I am very surprise ,it is the best 
I have seen .



Quality and service are very good.You're not going to find another wholesaler .
Dont put the invoice in the box next time,it may bring lots of troubles while
catching by the local custom.       


It is burns very fast and has no residual.Thinking of the super quality, the price
is quite reasonable.


Love pad best,thank you.


It's really happy to visit you ,thank you for your treating on lunch,
safely home,happy with sample pad ,thank you .


I'm surprise that i though it's 15 sheets/pack,and really happy to found that  it's 20
sheets actually. Best price really.


The size of pad is actually 8 by 5cm, but we like it as well .

Reallly hard for me to choose 2 types packing ,but finally i choose wet with zip-lock
bag, thank you for your suggestion



Arrived as expected. Wonderful service.



Received pads, I will definitely purchase more of in the future.




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