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Specification:  10 / pack  Bicycle Size 
Model:  PFP03
Color: Multiple

Flash poker is made out of flash paper. We print the poker image on one side, make it looks like common poker, and you can't identify in a distant. Excellent for close-up magic.
In addition, we can provide other flash pokers according to your demands, please contact us for further information




Q of spade , King of heart, King of Diamond

are avaible.





For Professional Use Only,Manufacturer makes no warranties and assumes on liability for you actions.
User assumes all risk and responsibility. Not For Anyone Under18.


Woww... Awesome! Perfect! Much better than I expected... Thx

Hi Sir,
I am so interested in your flash poker, Can you pack  5sheets in one bag?
Re: Thank you so much for your interested in our products, we can pack them at your request!


I am so honor to be the first client to buy the mixed flash poker, i wanna tell you
 that it's really helpful and useful to my clients!Thank you so much!


I have to say that it is so good , my client like it very much.



The mixed poker looks very interesting,Very good.



I am very satisfied with the price of the poker,thanks.



When I test the products,give me a suprise,yes,I have to say the effect is so good that I like it very much,will order more,thank you.






Looking forward to receive my order asap


I have no time to test your samples, i will let you know once i test them.thank you!


All are fine,i am now your regular client. but unfortunately, i paid a high tax $90 for the box.:( , next time, China post prefer. 

                                                                                                                     Mr Nest

Thank you to be so nice to me,i am happy with your products.


I am very supprise to receive my parcel today, very SPEEDY!


Some pieces of King of Spade is not thick enough, but it's ok to use,
i hope next time you will use thinker flash paper to make it.
Anyway,i am satisfied with your products.Will check the stock,and get
Back soon.


So many kinds of flash paper products here,I woule prefer to choose Fedex next time.
China post is actually tortoise speed.lol


Thank you for your fast answer all the time,i've got my parcel,all are right.


I knew you by my friend, the product is very good! Thanks!



Those articles are of good quality and nice color.



I ordered these for an illustration I was doing, paper worked 

without flaw.Red Corner Magic shipped out quick and the

product arrived in perfect time! 



Excellent! Great product, fair price and fast shipping! 

                                                                                                            Amy H 








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