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Laser Flash Set
Specification:  16.8*10*4cm
Model:  AFP02
Color: Multiple
Price: Inquiry
Using  a red pen to draw a candle with flame on the plain paper.Showing the audience a Stainless Steel Clip ,With was tied to a white rope.
The performer need to present another paper ,using the Stainless Steel Clip to clip the paper. At this time,Catching the top of the rope,getting the Stainless steel Clip more and more closed to the drawing,Suddently,something happened,The candle flame lights up the paper(cliped by clip)  ,the flash paper disappear ,the candle disappear... Wow,That's unbelievable

The whole set product includesa rope with stainless steel clip,a sheets of flash paper, a special pen and a complete instruction.
Also requires 9 V alkaline battery (not included).


According to the law in different places, it’s illegal to use the fake bills/banknotes in certain countries even if our products are used for magic performance, please purchase with caution. For Professional Use Only,Manufacturer makes no warranties and assumes on liability for you actions. User assumes all risk and responsibility. Not For Anyone Under18.

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After my special promotion, i do believe that it will become very popular item in my shop.


i am so interested in the new item Laser Flash set,may buy 2 piece for testing the quality soon.


It's so funny and mysterious,if you can give us a better price, we will order more. 

Hi K,
Thank you for your interest,you are our regular clients,you know that we have one price for all clients.;)
Please rest assure about our price,We won't ridiculous price.

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