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Finger Smoke
Specification:  7 * 9 cm
Model:  SP01
Color: Brown
Price: Inquire for price

Finger smoke is made out of  flash paper and one special material ,If you are tired of using the flame of flash paper, we might suggest you to use this fantastic smoke product to show your audience a wonderful magic.We trust it might help you better,as will allow you to have smoke at your fingertips without anything in your hands! One piece can be used more than 20 times.

If you would like to know how we use it , please feel free to email us.

Finger Smoke being used in Magic

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According to the law in different places, it’s illegal to use the fake bills/banknotes in certain countries even if our products are used for magic performance, please purchase with caution. For Professional Use Only,Manufacturer makes no warranties and assumes on liability for you actions. User assumes all risk and responsibility. Not For Anyone Under18.



The smoke is fine, fantastic products.



My magicians like them very much.



There's no doubt to choose you, excellent service, also impeccable 

quanlity. i'm more thanhappy to your package,it's professional.thx.



Excellent service. im so happy with this order.



We LOVE it! really love this romantic item. will be 

back for my next order soon.



I am very suprise to receive my parcel today. very SPEEDY!



Could you please let me know your minimum order of this item?

                                                                                                                                  Mr. s



Please tell me how to play this stuff?



Dear France,

This wonderful prop will allow to have smoke at your 

fingertips without anything in your hands. 

Anytime you can show your hands to your audience. 

Finger Smoke is a conbination of the finest paper 

covered with highly magical material. Magician's 

thumb and index finger gently rub together, smoke 

will rise from between two fingers. Then from 

the magician's empty real smoke rising! One piece 

can be played about more than 20 times. 

                                                                                                       Red Corner Magic


WOW! Amazing, i will order this item for my show,thanks.lol



Excellent! Great product, fair price and fast shipping! 



Wonderful material to work with. No problems what so ever. 



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