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Colored Flash cotton
Model:  FC02
Color: Blue / Red / Black...(At your request)
Price: Inquire for price
Flash Cotton is one of our main products.
Gives you big flame using only a spark , you will find nothing left cause it burns super fast, no ash or smoke after all.
It’s perfect for several different fire effects in close-up or stage magic performance.





For Professional Use Only,Manufacturer makes no warranties and assumes on liability for you actions; 
User assumes all risk and responsibility, not for anyone under 18.


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Each color looks nice , Color black and red are  the most pop[ular here. 


All are fine,but Black and Red are better than Green one,suggest you guys
buy these 2 color.

I like the new packing of this item,looks more attractive than before.Green
is really good.

Thank you for imform me your new items,looks good, will add it to my next


I am very supprise to receive my parcel today, very SPEEDY!



Thank you for the competitive price,all the color are in good looking .



You are worthy of our praise.Keep doing well in the future.You are now our
regular supplier of flash products.


You are worthy of our praise.Keep doing well in the future.You are now our 
regular supplier of flash products.


Net weight totally 5g, it's a honest company.girls there are nice and sweet.


The parcle arrived quicker than my expectation, cotton looks great on this 
order.I iwill place my next order at the beginning of next month. Hope you
send me good products as well .



It's a impressional visit for me ,I will lose no time to process the program,
,then push you products on our market.wait for my news.


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