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Specification:5,20,50 AUD
Model:  PFP02
Color: Multiple

Flash bill is made out of flash paper. Printed on one side, you can't identify in a distant whether it’s the real or fake one. Excellent for close-up magic, no smoke and ash left.
In addition, we can provide other flash bills according to your demands; Due to the difference of bills, we have different minimum quantity of an order and may need you to supply the image of the bill you want to buy , please contact us for further information.





According to the law in different places, it’s illegal to use the fake bills/banknotes in certain countries even if our products are used for magic performance, please purchase with caution.
For Professional Use Only,Manufacturer makes no warranties and assumes on liability for you actions. User assumes all risk and responsibility. Not For Anyone Under18.




The flash bill is sold very well.have ordered many times ,our client like it very much.




Products and quality are very good, I am very satisfied.



At first I really don't dare to use their products, because we do not know about the quality, but they didn't let me down, the product is really good, very popular.Thank you!




Your products update soon, every time I have a surprise.



very lifelike 


Just get the $A100,looks like real bill.

The paper is good, the service is good, thank you so much.




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