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Flash Paper Manufacturer
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Red Flame Flash Paper
Specification:  25 * 20 cm
Model:  PFP05
Color: White paper with colour light while burning
Price: Inquire For Pricelist

Colour Light Flash Paper is made out of Flash Paper, looked same as flash paper .Also no smoke and no ash when burning.The very amazing effect is that it can creat different colors of flame



Video:The burning of Red Flame flash paper     http://www.redcornermagic.com/video.html


For Professional Use Only,Manufacturer makes no warranties and assumes on liability for you actions. 
User assumes all risk and responsibility. Not For Anyone Under18.


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It's out of my expectation, works well .                                                                                                               

New products,hope it has a great sale on my shop . xiexie ni 

Red Flame works well, but yellow didn't work obviously.I can only sell it to
my clients as normal flash paper



Hi shannon ,nicole,and Summer,
I love this items with red flame,works very well.
Thank you for your excellent service for this year.
Wish you all have a wonderful life in the coming new year.


Many clients ask me if there's any other color flame , If it get back to the 
market , please let me know at this first time.


Busines is so quite this month,hope it will get well next month.we need any
flash products,we will contact you


Hi Sir,
Please email me a wholesale price of Colour Flame Flash Paper,We are a
wholeaser in USA.would like to buy large quantities.Looking forward to your


I'm just coming back from business trip. Have tested the sample of Red
Flame paper, it worked perfect. I will place my order on Monday.


We have received the goods you sent us, the quality is excellent.




Wow, the flame of the color light flash paper is fantastic.


The red flame gave a deep impression to the audiences, so i come back
to order more ,suggest you guys to try this item.


come here agian to check if Green flame is avaiable now , disappoint ....



I love this item ,thank you for the notes on bag , you are so sweet.


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